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Cell Dance

To celebrate the year of Turku (Finland) hosting the Cultural Capital of Europe, this year’s BioCity Symposium presents an accompanying dance production to recapitulate the theme of the symposium, “Cell Dance”.

All life is based upon a carefully determined rhythm and this rhythm is especially well reflected in the cellular life, where decisions are made exactly at the right moment. To orchestrate these cellular events, there is a need for a precisely pulsing rhythm that determines the timing of all carefully organized events. The character of the Maurice Ravel’s piece Boléro, which has been chosen as a musical platform for the dance performance, reflects very well this kind of rhythmically predetermined processes. The pianists Antti Hotti and Pasi Helin performed Ravel’s original four-hand piano arrangement of Boléro. In the music, the exact pulse of the rhythm starts from a truly minimal movement, which grows throughout the whole piece to a climatic finale.

Choreographer Anu Sistonen brought together an interesting group of dancers who all share a common sense for the nature of movements of life itself. Jonna Aaltonen, Niina Airaksinen, Malwiina Heikkilä and Ville Oinonen together with Anu Sistonen all attempt to literally breathe in the same rhythm, listening carefully to each other, and following the impulses of the music. A great motivation for the dancers is to perform with live music with great musicians interpreting a signature piece of the French impressionists. An additional element was brought by the presence of a large number of dancers from the bioscience community of BioCity.