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Duo Duu

«What joy to have friends! But the best is to have ONE best friend, the one and only, to whom you can tell all your secrets. My best friend is called Lise. I am Lynn.”

DUO DUU tells about friendship between children, with its happy and sad experiences. From “you are my best friend forever” to “That’s it! You are not my friend anymore and I am not speaking to you!” Friendship between children is true, absolute and definitive and it reflects the intensity of its sentiments.

On stage there will be two dancers and one musician, a double bass player. The music accompanies the emotions of the two characters and gives rhythm and energy for the dancers.

Choreography: Anu Sistonen

Music: Emre Sevidink

Performance: Jennifer Gohier, Sarah Picard

Bass: Benoît Legot

Costumes: Rachel Quarmby

Lighting design: Elric Vanpouille

Consultant: Jean Lambert (Les Ateliers de la Colline)

Coproduction: Traffo_CarréRotondes, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, Centre des Arts Pluriels d'Ettelbruck (CAPe).

Support: Fondation Indépendance, SACEM

Photo: Miikka Heinonen

To watch the video of this piece, please, ask us for the password.

(The trailer below can be seen by anyone, without password)


DUO DUU parle de l‘amitié entre enfants, avec ses petits bonheurs et ses grands malheurs. Sur scène, on retrouve deux danseuses et un musicien avec sa contrebasse. Durant le spectacle, la musique accompagne les gestes des deux personnages, donne le rythme et l‘énergie aux deux danseuses. L‘instrument, par sa taille imposante, incarne un troisième personnage sur scène.