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Tone hazard is a work for five dancers, three women and two men, inspired by the music of the contemporary Finnish composer Asko Hyvärinen.

It explores notions of hazard flowing from personal choices. Our very existence is perhaps just a chain of hazards. The people we meet during our lives have an influence on or choices but may be that is just part of a great, invisible and mysterious plan. Is it just a manifestation of a superior intelligence which governs us all?

Production: Dance Development, TROIS C-L, Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange opderschmelz, Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel Mamer.

Support: Ministère de la Culture et Ambassade de Finlande au Luxembourg


Three women on stage moved by Karol Szymanowski préludes. A pianist and two dancers. Three women confront themselves and use their art to explore loneliness.

Beata Szalwinska, pianist and interpreter of the nine Préludes, youthful works, brings a virtuosity to take your breath away.

Jonna Aaltonen and Rhiannon Morganlet themselves be guided by the charm of this music at times with structured choreography and at times through improvisation.

Production: Dance Development, TROIS C-L, Centre Culturel Régional Dudelange opderschmelz, Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel Mamer.

Support: Ministère de la Culture, Arts Council of Finland, et Ambassade de Finlande au Luxembourg


Against the flow is an abstract work created from Chopin's piano sonata No.3. Anu Sistonen was inspired by this beautiful music full of life and energy to create choreography for three dancers: two develop fluid movements reminding one of flowing water while the third provides obstacles and breaks appearing to move against the current.

Coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, Centre des Arts Pluriels d'Ettelbruck (CAPe).

Support: Fonds Culturel National


Gives life/Takes life is a creation for five dancers on the theme of water - water as a source of life and death - water as an element essential to our daily lives - water that gives us sensations and emotions - water as movement, water as sound. For this work the choreographer has commissioned the composer Emre Sevindik for the original music and Miikka Heinonen for the creation of a video which will form part of the scenography.

Coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, Centre des Arts Pluriels d'Ettelbruck (CAPe)


Anu Sistonen continues her collaboration with the photographer and videographer Miikka Heinonen. In 2008 with Contaminated they worked on a particular and new version of The Dying Swan and in 2010 they developed interaction between dancers and video with Image X.

With quantum variations, the two artists continue their development of dialogue between dancers and video. Anu Sistonen appears on stage in white and on video in black. Her virtual self appears trapped, searching for freedom. This freedom is represented by her real self, the dancer in white. The virtual dancer is projected onto a string curtain through which the real dancer can move as if to free her virtual self from her captivity.

The artists invite us to escape from our captivity and be ourselves, free from the constraints imposed by daily life, and to take new perspectives on our existance.

Production: Dance Development

Support: Fondation Indépendance

DUO DUU - 2012

"What joy to have friends! But the best is to have ONE best friend, the one and only, to whom you can tell all your secrets. My best friend is called Lise. I am Lynn."

DUO DUU tells about friendship between children, with its happy and sad experiences. From "you are my best friend forever" to "That's it! You are not my friend anymore and I am not speaking to you!" Friendship between children is true, absolute and definitive and it reflects the intensity of its sentiments.

On stage there will be two dancers and one musician, a double bass player. The music accompanies the emotions of the two characters and gives rhythm and energy for the dancers.

Coproduction: Traffo_CarréRotondes, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, Centre des Arts Pluriels d'Ettelbruck (CAPe).

Support: Fondation Indépendance, SACEM

CELL DANCE - 2011 

To celebrate the year of Turku (Finland) hosting the Cultural Capital of Europe, this year?s BioCity Symposium presents an accompanying dance production to recapitulate the theme of the symposium, "Cell Dance".

All life is based upon a carefully determined rhythm and this rhythm is especially well reflected in the cellular life, where decisions are made exactly at the right moment. To orchestrate these cellular events, there is a need for a precisely pulsing rhythm that determines the timing of all carefully organized events. The character of the Maurice Ravel?s piece Boléro, which has been chosen as a musical platform for the dance performance, reflects very well this kind of rhythmically predetermined processes. The pianists Antti Hotti and Pasi Helin performed Ravel?s original four-hand piano arrangement of Boléro. In the music, the exact pulse of the rhythm starts from a truly minimal movement, which grows throughout the whole piece to a climatic finale.

Choreographer Anu Sistonen brought together an interesting group of dancers who all share a common sense for the nature of movements of life itself. Jonna Aaltonen, Niina Airaksinen, Malwiina Heikkilä and Ville Oinonen together with Anu Sistonen all attempt to literally breathe in the same rhythm, listening carefully to each other, and following the impulses of the music. A great motivation for the dancers is to perform with live music with great musicians interpreting a signature piece of the French impressionists. An additional element was brought by the presence of a large number of dancers from the bioscience community of BioCity.

IMAGE X - 2011

Stage. Moving image. Still image. Sound. Movement. Simple communication. Pure interaction. These aspects bind Anu Sistonen?s new creation together. An abstract creation of contemporary dance and multimedia.

Anu Sistonen has been deeply inspired by the interaction between the modern multimedia, dance and sound. In IMAGE X all these aspects are entwined through Anu?s inspiration. She has been curious to find out how far you can take the interaction between dancers and images. IMAGE X uses the stage for the live moment, in combination with projected pictures and video. Continuous use of the projection enables also to use the dancers as human sculptures; picture moves, dancers are frozen to their place. 

The question throughout the performance remains: what is IMAGE X? Have we seen it already? What is meant with it? Will we in fact find out what it is or does it remain as a mystery?

IMAGE X is the second cooperation with photographer Miikka Heinonen and composer Emre Sevindik. 

Coproduction: Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois TROIS C-L, opderschmelz ? Centre Culturel Régional de Dudelange

Support: Fondation Indépendance, Fonds Culturel National, Institut Culturel Finlandais

("Après un prologue séduisant au cours duquel les danseurs évoluent masqués sur une musique très rythmée, la pièce déroule un jeu entre la chorégraphie sur scène et les très belles séquences filmées de Miikka Heinonen projetées en toile de fond. Les personnages se dédoublent, prennent leur autonomie, s'ignorent ou dansent de concert. Une belle idée servie par des interprètes irréprochables, qui ouvre des perspectives nouvelles dans le travail de Anu Sistonen, jusqu'alors moins conceptuel." - Luxemburger Wort '11) 


Passion. Nostalgia. Sadness. Fury. But also love and happiness. Most of all - melancholy. Words that all describe the depth and beauty of the music of Astor Piazzolla. Anu Sistonen has been deeply inspired by the music of Piazzolla and has tightly entwined all aspects into "LIFE". It resembles clearly the rollercoaster of emotions and expresses the feelings of a person living in a foreign country. Subconsciously longing to the place where she comes from. Why is she here? What did she leave behind? What is there to explore? Why this eternal longing?

In close co-operation with the quintet "Aconcagua" Anu has been able to release her feelings into a free flow. Relationships, feelings, age, time - life overall - is mirrored through one persons eyes. How does she see it? How does it impact her? How does she feel that? How does she express that? Why is there this eternal longing? The multitude of deep and intensive emotions and contrasts ? passion, love, sadness, fury, tragedy, melancholy. The sudden moves and changes from passionate desperation and fierceness to overwhelming tenderness. Dance interprets the depth and the beauty of the music of Astor Piazzolla into a story full of motion and emotion. The connection between the two is so strong and visible that it can nearly be touched. A true rollercoaster of emotions.

The subject is very close to Anu as Argentina and Luxembourg can be very closely compared to each other. Both are countries which have attracted lots of immigrants of all levels of the society. The mix of people, backgrounds, cultures, ways of life ? all this together creates simply a unique atmosphere which can be felt and sensed anywhere and anytime. A subject very personal and close to heart.

Coproduction: Théâtre d'Esch, TROIS C-L

Support: Fondation Indépendance

 ("Anu Sistonen signe une chorégraphie à la fois intime et universelle" - Luxemburger Wort '10)

Yours Truly/Moving Light - 2008

Moving Light is a dance duet and it is a continuation for the solo "Yours Truly". It is a second part in this woman's life. "Yours Truly" is a solo-work choreographed for Jonna Aaltonen and it was premiered in Finland 2006. The solo is a bout a woman whose life is disturbed by side personalities. She sees characters near her which are not real and her mind struggles between reality and imaginary world. It is hard for her to live a normal life. She can escape from reality into her "secret life". 

The duet "Moving Light" is about the same woman who has to finally face a true relationship with a man entering into her life. The kindness and warmth of the man slowly helps her to get out of her complicated world. She learns to trust that his existence is permanent and he is not going to disappear like the characters in her mind. 

Choreographically this piece is a research for more minimalistic style in the movement vocabulary corresponding to the music of Icelandic group "Múm".

 "Une oeuvre pleine de vie et d'energie."- Luxemburger Wort '08

Contaminated - 2008

The swan is really dying. Our careless way of living is polluting our planet quicker than we realize. The nature includind the wild animals are the first ones to suffer. They cannot defend themselves. They breath the air and they swim in the water. HELP THEM! Don't let the oil contaminate their wings.

Attention! Je suis un grand et très bel oiseau. Et je suis libre de voler. Maintenant, je suis IN PAIN, NOW I AM DYING. Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait ? Regardez-moi s'il vous plait, au secours !

Contaminated is a strong solo work with impressing photographs by Miikka Heinonen. In the photos "the swan" is free to fly, on the stage she is heavily grounded on the floor.

Timeline - 2006

Dance and Music creation by Anu Sistonen and André Mergenthaler

TIMELINE is a journey to through different periods of time. Danced by four women it brings out the atmosphere of certain moments in time and develops a few typical features of each chosen period. This journey takes us first to a period long ago when people had lots of time. They had time just for being. Nothing suits the cello better than the baroc music of this period. Then follows our present time. Today is the opposite, we don't have any time. We are busy with something all the time and then we complain that we don't have time to do anything. A vicious circle where overstressed people forget what is important in life. At the end we go to the future. What is there? We can only guess...hope...believe in something beautiful.

Photos by Patrick Galbats, Miikka Heinonen, Elisabeth Bolius, Robert Seger and Mirka Kleemola©