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Teemu Kyytinen

Teemu Kyytinen (born 1970 in Jyväskylä, Finland) has been one of the most sought after male dancers in Finland since his professional career started in 1996. He has worked with many of the leading coreographers in Finland (a.o. Jyrki Karttunen, Arja Raatikainen, Minna Tuovinen&Martin Heslop, Anu Sistonen), gaining a reputation as a technically strong, individual and intelligent dancer.

Kyytinen has extensive touring experience, performing in numerous festivals all over Europe, in Australia, South America and South Africa.

Since 2003 Kyytinen has also been pursuing a career as a choreographer. His works are known for their rich and personal movement vocabulary.

The Finnish Cultural Fund granted Kyytinen a 3-year personal working grant in 2006 and again in 2009.

2009 Kyytinen started an ongoing project - Moving Human Diaries, short video clips documenting his choreographic work. Moving Human Diaries have already been watched over 2500 times in at least 21 different countries. Moving Human Diaries can be found here:

Before his career in dance Kyytinen was a Finnish champion and a junior world championship silver and bronze medallist in freestyle skiing.

Some works

Choreographies: What do you see when you see this? (2008), Urges - for Helsinki Dance Company (2007), Grab (2006)

As a dancer: LIFE - Anu Sistonen (2010), Falling Earth - Petri Kekoni (2010), Situation Room - Jyrki Karttunen (2009), Moving Light - Anu Sistonen (2008), Tango for the emotionally famous - Tuovinen&Heslop (2007)