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Ville Oinonen

© Miikka Heinonen

Ville Oinonen (born 1980) is a Finnish freelance dancer who has danced in more than twenty works professionally. Oinonen graduated in year 2006 from Kuopio Music and Dance Academy to be a dance teacher but was immediately after studies engaged with Dance Theatre MD in which he danced for example in creations by Helena Franzén, Jyrki Karttunen and Ari Numminen. Since 2009 Oinonen has been freelancing intensively and is now appearing also in creations of Anu Sistonen. In Finland Oinonen works for example with Karttunen Kollektiv which is a collective of dancers and visual/audiovisual artists led by Jyrki Karttunen.

As a dancer Oinonen is physically strong, technical dancer with compelling stage personality. During his career Oinonen has teached occasionally and also choreographed a duet in co-operation with dancer Maria Kananen. Ville has martial arts backround and in karate Ville competed nationally and internationally winning many medals.


Ville Oinonen est un jeune danseur finlandais formé à la Kuopio Academy of Music and Dance. Il a travaillé avec de nombreux chorégraphes finlandais (Anniina Kumpuniemi, Mari Rosendahl, Helena Franzen, Samuli Roininen, Ari Numminen, Jyrki Karttunen). Il dansa également dans plusieurs comédies musicales et opéras. Aujourd’hui, il travaille principalement en Finlande en tant que danseur, professeur de danse et chorégraphe. Sportif de haut niveau plusieurs années dans le karaté, il en a gardé le physique et la puissance, des qualités qui s’associent à une grande légèreté lorsqu’il danse.