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Yours Truly / Moving Light

Moving Light is a dance duet and it is a continuation for the solo Yours Truly. It is a second part in this woman's life. Yours Truly is a solo-work choreographed for Jonna Aaltonen and it was premiered in Finland 2006. The solo is about a woman whose life is disturbed by side personalities. She sees characters near her which are not real and her mind struggles between reality and imaginary world. It is hard for her to live a normal life. She can escape from reality into her "secret life".

The duet Moving Light is about the same woman who has to finally face a true relationship with a man entering into her life. The kindness and warmth of the man slowly helps her to get out of her complicated world. She learns to trust that his existence is permanent and he is not going to disappear like the characters in her mind.

Choreographically this piece is a research for more minimalistic style in the movement vocabulary corresponding to the music of Icelandic group "Múm".

"Une oeuvre pleine de vie et d'energie."- Luxemburger Wort, 2008